Thursday, July 17, 2008

Novel Update

This is another sort of - almost - not really an update on the novel. I've had another crazy idea for a different story. The very basic sketch of it is as follows:

It would be a pulp crime detective novel with all the typical trappings of that genre: loaded descriptions and melodrama centered around a tough talking detective type with a gorgeous secretary.
The twist?
The detective is a lesbian.
The secretary is just coming to terms with her own homosexuality. And she has a kid.

I'm kind of in the research stage right now. I don't want to put off this vibe of being a pervert, I genuinely want to explore the genuine feelings of someone in this situation, while still having fun with the action mystery stuff.

The reason I'm putting this out there is maybe it'll motivate me to actually write the damn thing. (I must admit I'm nervous about painting myself into a genre corner that would alienate most of my readers).

Any thoughts, comments, or snide remarks on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a mill,