Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My first poem a day for April

Robert Lee Brewer at Writer's Digest has issued a 'poem a day' challenge for the month of April. Willing to give it a go, here's my first attempt.


Somewhere in the world
people will suffer.
Who out there will serve
as the buffer?
Sometimes it seems it can't
get tougher.

We wait for someone to
answer the call
But it seems there's
no one listening at all
Why isn't anyone
watching the ball?

Take a look, you'll find
dead eyes staring
Totally incapable of a
meaningful pairing
But why are all these folks
far beyond caring?

Blame it on the movies
Blame it on books
Blame it on the TV stars
with all their good looks

Blame it on video games
Or blame the computer
But there's only one place
to to find the mental looter
Look inside yourself for the
ultimate distraction
We've let all these in without
willful subtraction
You've got to find it in yourself
if you want to take action

Now I can't lie
I was like that too
Preferring entertainment
'stead of watching the news
But I realized something
that gave me the blues

I am a part of this earthly machine
I have to help to keep it green
'Cause we only have one
you know what I mean?

People are hungry
people are dying
All for the sake of Government lying
“Keep buying Keep spending
Keep driving Keep Trying”

But all I can hear are billions crying

-Justin M. Howe

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