Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poem a Day, Day 5

Today's challenge was to write about something that worries you. *gulp* Here goes...

I try not to worry

I try not to worry about the
little things
I don't worry if my hair
looks good
I don't worry if these jeans make me
look fat
I don't worry about the milk I
just spilled

I am not worried if you like
this poem
I am not worried if you think I have
no talent
I am not worried whether you realize I'm doing this
for me
I am not worried if these poems reach beyond
this blog

I am worried
that my wife is not happy
I am worried
that I may not raise my children the way I want
I am worried
that I've stayed in my job longer than is healthy
I am worried
that I have squandered whatever talent I may have had


If my wife is unhappy
I'll improve our life
If I make mistakes with my kids
I know I'm doing the best I can
If I let my job drag me down
I have the wrong attitude
If I let my talent wane
I can resuscitate it through practice and determination


Why worry?

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