Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poem a Day, Day 21

Today's challenge was to do some 'snooping'. That is, to go out somewhere and overhear a bit of dialogue somewhere and use it in a poem. Here's what I posted to the blog:

I usually refrain from explaining my poems, but there's a guy I work with that punctuates his stories and anecdotes with 'here's the thing'. He always puffs his chest out or points at you to make sure that the thing he is announcing is just too good to miss. So, I've witnessed him do this to others as well as myself, so I'm counting it as 'snooping.' So there....

'Cause Here's the Thing

All you have to do is look interested
I'll babble on about things that might
seem uninteresting to you,
And I'll be completely oblivious.

'Cause here's the thing,
Nobody's more interesting than me
I'm in to everything you're not.
I'll interrupt interesting conversations
you're having with someone else

'Cause here's the thing,
I never learned social grace
I was too wrapped up in myself
to notice there are rules
Social rules that one learns by doing
'cept I never do it, so don't blame me

'Cause here's the thing,
You'll only know me for a short while,
And in that time some nugget of wisdom
or truth may sneak out of my mouth
It might take you a while to figure out

'Cause here's the thing,
Something I say will stick in your head
And as you roll it around in there, a
light bulb will come on
And you'll actually learn something from
the experience

-Justin M. Howe

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