Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poem a Day, Day 7

The challenge here was to write a "ramble poem" that is to say, a poem where you just start writing without any kind of plan where you’ll end up. Think "stream of consciousness" in poem form...

My wife and baby snuggle as I

stare at the computer

I woke with dreams of work rebellion

Feeling betrayed and alone I

have retreated to the safety

of strangers

Digital friends I may never meet

While my wife lays an arm’s reach away

I should wake her

tell her how I feel

Tell her how much she keeps me alive

Without her I would have no poetry in my heart

Even when everything things gathers around

me, dragging me down, she is there

I am there for her, but more clumsy

saying the wrong things with good intentions

Promising to ’work on it.’

How much longer will she allow

me to ’work on it’?

When is the deadline?

She slumbers here beside me

I am blessed

-Justin M. Howe


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