Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poem a Day, Day 15

Today's challenge was to write an insult poem. I've been having trouble with a grumpy, cantankerous boss, so this came easy...

Morning approaches

I'm filled with dread

Already replaying previous words that you've said

I work hard all of the night

You tear down my achievements like you flick off a light

Yet I'm still proud of what I've done.

So who do you think you are?

Did you buy a bed with dual bad sides?

Judging by your troll-like figure, it must be in the genes,

Your mother couldn't trade you for any magic beans

So she must have prayed to the gods to vex you

curse you

with a sour disposition

so that no one could stand you

Throw in a little gender confusion, just to be sure,

And here you are to torment me

My only question?

Who did I vex that would curse me to be in your presence?

-Justin M. Howe

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