Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poem a Day, Day 12

This one is a bit embarassing. The challenge was to write an apology poem. Funny thing is, This challenge came down the day after something I really, REALLY needed to apologize for. I only hope I found a few words that do justice to my shame...

You looked at me in shocked astonishment

hitting my heart like super-charged defibrillation

What day is it?

What's the date?

Worst screw up ever

Becoming a cliché

Like a bad sitcom

No way to recover

I love you so much

There was so much going on

Days blending together

No excuse

Can't blame you

I can't believe

I forgot



I can't say I'm sorry

and think that's the end

I'm supposed to

adore you

cherish you

worship you

You are the center of my universe

somehow my orbit got askew

Life happens doesn't cut it

I want to be worthy of you

I want to cherish you

I do worship you

You inspire me

Yet I let you down


I'm not worthy to love you

yet I do

I'm not worthy of your love

yet you still say you love me

I adore you

I will cherish you

I will worship you

It's what you deserve

It's what I will do

Don't worry

Ball's in my court

I won't let you down

I promise

I'm sorry...

-Justin M. Howe

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